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Our Free-to-Impact culture

Discover a workplace where anything is possible, all ideas are considered, and everyone can make a change!

Our 11 cultural markers


We are curious, we observe, and we learn


We strive for fairness and impact


We are action driven: test, fail fast, learn and enjoy it


We say yes by design, but we can say no at anytime


We look for simple and frugal solutions


We are blunt, we disagree and commit


We work as we like from anywhere


We stretch oursleves to reach higher standards


We praise velocity as business is a war of movement


We think big and endlessly aim for value creation


We are on an epic journey, we know it, and overall, we have fun

We make it a point to actively ask questions internally and externally, and treat the answers as high-value insights. Our processes and our methodology are based on transparency and democracy. So, let’s open our chakras and start communicating!

We want our distribution partners and their clients to be fulfilled in their business with us. We want our Wakamees to feel blessed to be working here. We systematically assess if our partners and Wakamees are aligned with our practices and educate them towards a win-win culture.

In business, many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. We value calculated risk-taking, and the ability to quickly recover from failure. So, we love to risk, test and learn.

It’s in our DNA to say YES by default and do everything in our power to make things happen. But even if we worked collectively on an initiative for months or years, we feel no pressure to go live if we think the premises have changed and that the value lies elsewhere. So, never be ashamed to say “no.”

We are always looking for new innovative and simple solutions to accomplish more with less, with resourcefulness and self-sufficiency. There are no extra points for growing headcount, budget size or fixed expenses. Maximizing digitalization is our way to be truly frugal.

We challenge decisions bluntly but respectfully when we disagree. Even if it’s uncomfortable or exhausting. We broadcast our convictions. We do not compromise for the sake of social conformity. But once we’ve made a decision, we commit at 100%.

We consider talents to be found all around the globe. We don’t want to be limited by borders, we hire the best-in-class experts wherever they live. At home, at the office, on a couch or at a desk, Wakamees know what’s expected of them and what needs to be done. We consider those who want to be at the office every day and those who want to work remotely as equals.

We constantly stretch ourselves and raise the bar sky-high for our products and services; as well as ensuring the digitalization of our processes. Our high standards are also applied to the hiring process, where we carefully assess soft skills to make sure they align with our culture.

Agility and speed in adjusting the processes and the business models are among our top priorities. Constant change isn’t a sign of instability: it’s proof of competition. Be nimble and be on the offense.

Thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We think differently and look for ways to innovate AND deliver value for all our stakeholders, both external & internal. Let’s not be afraid to shoot for the moon!

We are not just employees working for a company, we are a team enjoying the ride. We all are part of the shared adventure in leading change in the insurance industry. We work hard to make this change happen and we have a lot of fun doing it.

The Wakam Experience as if you were there

Since March 2021, our corporate mission is to enable transparent and impactful insurance. This means no hidden costs, no drawn-out processes, no confusing terms and conditions! We believe that to meet the actual needs of the end customer, transparency is key.

Catherine Charrier-Leflaive


At Wakam we don’t just do business, we work hard to make insurance transparent and impactful. Every day, I make sure that all Wakamees have the means and the freedom to shake up the insurance industry.

Team & Transparency

An approachable leadership team and collective, short-term objectives through the OKR method allow all of us to participate and share information and decisions. Bye bye old-fashioned committees and hello weekly forum where the whole company shares and votes on key partnerships!

A fulfilling experience

We listen to our employees, facilitate integration through meaningful and friendly onboarding, improve daily working life by quick action, and asking for feedback. Wakamees benefit from a fully digitized workplace: Slack, Notion and Zoom have replaced stuffy old tools and allow our Wakamees to truly embrace our “work from anywhere” culture.

Diversity and Inclusion

We know that hiring people from different backgrounds is the only way our mission will stay strong and relevant. This begins with mandatory training for all managers on unconscious bias and inclusive hiring. We also work with multiple recruitment partners to get our offers in front of diverse groups. Adaptable spaces and flexible work locations ensure our employees with disabilities feel heard and included.

Flexibility à la carte

Remote working at Wakam is much more than a pipe dream, it’s a reality! Some of our Wakamees work from Corsica, the mountains or even from a boat! It’s up to you…


Development counts! We give our people the tools that they need to progress professionally and express their curiosity. Our transparent internal mobility practices, including development of leadership principles, also goes a long way in helping everyone understand how they can develop their potential and grow with us.


Every last Friday of the month, Wakamees can take some time to step outside of their usual schedule. This is a meeting-free day to attend conferences, complete training or dedicate time to mentoring.


In our Wakamees we trust