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daily purchases

Adapt to rapidly changing purchase habits

Created with and for a European neo-bank

Wakam co-created this product with one of Europe’s most successful neo-banks. It wanted to increase the value of its paid plan and offer customers an innovative, comprehensive insurance solution integrated with its premium bank cards to protect daily purchases.

Who is it for?

  • Banks & neo-banks
  • Retailers & e-retailers
  • Wholesale insurance brokers

Guarantees offered

Protect clients in their daily lives


Refund guarantee

Customers have the opportunity to request a refund if unforeseen circumstances prevent them from attending an event. They are insured for up to 300€ if a merchant refuses to accept the legitimate return of a product within 90 days of purchase.


Purchase protection guarantee

Customers are insured against the risk of receiving a damaged or stolen product. Depending on the formula chosen, they can receive up to 10.000€ of compensation for one year of insurance. Shipping costs are also covered up to 50€.


Ticket cancellation guarantee

Clients are insured in case of ticket cancellation. Eligible reasons are varied: medical problems, transport delays, vehicle breakdown 4 hours before the event or even theft of identity papers.

Why distribute this product


Allow your customers to shop in total security

Full cover

Complete coverage

Brand image

Boost customer loyalty

Additionnal revenues

Improve conversion rate

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