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Play&Plug is our one-stop-shop to access & manage all your services. It’s the key to an easy & fuss-free partnership with us!

The first step to access our exclusive services

In a few clicks you can onboard on Play&Plug in full autonomy. Our mascot Kamee will be your guide during the entire process. Once onboarded, you will be able to use our multi-service platform to develop and monitor products, and so much more !

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¡Hola! Soy Kamee, su asistente personal en PLay&Plug
  1. Tell us about you!

    A super-fast KYB process facilitates your Wakam onboarding.

  2. Describe your insurance opportunity

    Share key information about your insurance project so we know more about your needs.

  3. Dive into our platform and select your modules

    Discover our tech platform and pick dedicated modules that best fit your project

  4. Your project is qualified!

    Next our experts evaluate your proposed project so we can start co-creating together.

What are the benefits?

  • Digital KYB process

  • Full autonomy

    To present your insurance project to Wakam

  • Fast qualification

  • Customized approach for services


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