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Clarity with plain language

Wakam assists partners in transforming their contractual documents into clear language for end-users.

Shake things up with plain language

Our lawyers, product managers and writers trained in plain language are an integral part of the project teams that support you. In phase two, the partners take the lead in rolling out the approach to all their contracts.

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  1. Editorial transformation

    Wakam modulates the “degree of adaptation” of contractual documents, according to the partners’ constraints and objectives. We offer either a “light” or “total” transformation the contractual documents.

  2. Design optimization

    Making a document readable for the final policyholders involves both the content and its design. Wakam provides its partners with resources to transform contractual documents.

  3. Readability score

    Wakam uses “Lisiscore” to analyze the clarity of contractual documents. Developed by the company “Avec des Mots,” “Lisiscore” is a label that measures the ease of understanding of a text, in real time. “Lisiscore” gives a readability score between 0 and 100, depending on the complexity of the texts.

  4. Good to know...

    The “Lisiscore” is the most advanced readability score on the market. Currently only available for French texts, it is based on the most recent research in the fields of psycholinguistics, cognitive psychology and clear writing.

Lisiscore to measure the clarity
of our contracts

Lisiscore is a readability indicator that helps us assess how easy it is to read our documents. Our contractual documents and desktop publishing are written in plain language to make our products easier to read and understand for the end insured.

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What are the advantages ?

  • Audit any content

  • Objectively measure the readability of your texts

  • Compare your texts

    With each other or with your competitors.

  • Give your content the "Lisiscore" label


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