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What is it like to
work at Wakam?

At Wakam, life is good. In fact, we are a certified “great place to work” by HappyIndex®AtWork. Our team is comprised of multi-generational and diverse profiles and we have adopted collaborative working methods facilitated by tech tools. You can enjoy your Wakam experience remotely or in one of our European offices!

Wakam from anywhere

Over the last few years, we have seen the benefits of remote working — either from home, the French office or our other European offices (UK, Germany, Italy and Spain).

The continued “war on talent” presents the ideal opportunity to change the status quo on hiring. While other companies are calling for their remote workers to come back to the office, we are waiving the limit of location and gaining access to the best talent, wherever they may be around the world.

Paris’ Silicon Valley

Nestled in the heart of Paris’ 2nd arrondissement, our offices are located not far from “Silicon Sentier,” a privileged area for many innovative companies.

The building houses more than 250 Wakamees in an office designed and fitted out for our work organization and its Flex Office policy. The area is full of restaurants and bars which is why our Wakamees have launched the “Foodies Club:” a way to experience the best eateries during lunch hour.


  • Complementary health care
  • 5 weeks of annual leave
  • RTT, bonuses
  • Swile lunch card
  • Parental leave
  • Partial travel reimbursement
  • Happy hour
  • Breakfast

London Calling

Skyscrapers, historic buildings, after-work cocktails? Yes, you are definitely in the City.

This iconic London borough is home to the world’s biggest & up-and-coming companies — us included! Although you might find the team wearing Wakam hoodies rather than a suit and tie, this doesn’t stop us and socializing at one of the many trendy bars and restaurants. During your lunch break, go and visit Leadenhall market — one of the oldest in London!


  • Private health and life insurance
  • Pension contributions
  • 29 days annual leave
  • Parental leave
  • Bonuses

Buongiourno Milan!

In historic Milan, our offices are located in the futuristic business district of Porta Nuova.

In this neighborhood modern buildings and designer boutiques mingle with open-air cafes, pedestrian streets and parks. Succumb to the beating heart of Milan!

Take advantage of your lunch break to stroll around the spectacular Indro Montanelli Gardens.


  • 29 days of paid leave
  • 14th monthly instalment compensation
  • Health insurance

Hallo München

Our offices are located in the “Macherei” urban district, a creative centre with industrial architecture. This is where start-ups and companies challenge the status quo!

Famous for the Oktoberfest and its famous football club FC Bayern Munich, the city is Germany’s 2nd most popular tourist destination after Berlin. At the heart of the German economy, Munich is home to the European headquarters of many multinationals, including McDonald’s, Microsoft and, of course, BMW. And what about Wakam?


  • 29 days of paid leave
  • Pension contributions
  • Health insurance

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