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Policy admin system

Use our policy admin system to manage your contracts over public blockchain.

First-class user experience

Our policy admin system can either be used in conjunction with the Wakam white label subscription funnel or as a stand-alone to your existing customer’s journey​. Once you’ve chosen your subscription, you can self-operate this policy admin system or delegate it to a BPO in charge of contracts management.

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  1. An end-to-end solution

    • Permission management
    • Dashboard including operational indicators such as the number of contracts taken out, cancellation rate, breakdown by product.
    • Key features implemented including contract details, withdrawals, terminations, automated email management, policy consultation & details.
  2. Benefit from automatic underwriting

    Our policy admin system solution includes automatic underwriting over public blockchain allowing:

    • Full transparency for your customers
    • High level of security
    • Reduced operating costs
  3. Plug your policy admin system

    Thanks to our simple integration, plug your policy admin system in a few clicks.

What are the benefits?

  • First-class user experience

    Validated by our preferred BPOs

  • Automatic underwriting over public blockchain

    More transparency, security and automation

  • Zero-data integration


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