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Our mission?
To enable transparent and impactful insurance

Thanks to the Play&Plug platform, Wakam offers insurance products across 32 European countries. Ready to shake up the industry with innovative insurance? You’ve come to the right place.

Wakam, Mission-driven company and ethical insurer

Because we are convinced that insurers have a key role to play in social and environmental matters, we became a Mission-driven company in March 2021.

To achieve our goal we have defined commitments that are at the heart of our processes

Impact for everyone

Best price

We give the most efficient solutions for the end consumer by offering the best prices. We achieve this by the complete digitalization of the platform & processes shared between insurance distributors and capital.

Financial fairness

We ensure a fair split of value between the stakeholders for all our businesses (excluding too high commission levels or too low loss ratios), and provide top-quality and protective coverage. We forgo businesses that do not comply to our policy standards.

Inclusive insurance

Protection for those who need it most. We have a range of customized products to help people struggling with debt, harassment, low income… These are distributed at zero-margin through partnerships such as the City of Paris or Marion la main tendue, an NGO that combats cyberbullying.

Wakam for Good is an endowment fund dedicated to helping financially and psychologically vulnerable people through committed grassroots NGOs. The more our partners contribute, the more impactful it will be!

  • Wakam for Good’s impact is tied to Wakam’s and its partners’ performance: 1€ collected per contract issued.
  • Wakam’s partners in France systematically contribute to Wakam for Good, and our goal is that the rest of our European partners will, too.

Transparency at every step

Our corporate mission is to enable transparent and impactful insurance. This means no hidden costs, no drawn-out processes, no confusing terms and conditions! We believe that to meet the actual needs of the end customer, transparency is key.

That’s why we have made strong commitments and are including our entire ecosystem in the journey. Our contractual clauses are now written in plain language to make the cover and exclusions of the products easier to read and understand.

Plain Language

Our contractual clauses are in plain language to make our products easier to read and understand. And we demonstrate this clarity with a useful readability score.

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Embedded insurance

A large part of our business lies in embedded insurance, providing the end-customer with better protection, and a more transparent, convenient and affordable insurance.

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Embedded insurance
is the future

We believe in embedded insurance is the future.

Seamlessly integrated with the products and services it covers, embedded insurance makes the subscription and compensation process so much easier, giving the end consumer total peace of mind.

Embedded insurance gives clients a competitive advantage and means new usages can blossom in our society in a safe environment.

Our Mission Committee

As a Mission-driven company, we have a Mission Committee with 8 executive members, appointed by governing board. Its role: to be a governing force that protects our commitments.

Rémi Grenier

  • Chairman of the Wakam Mission Committee and Wakam independent director
  • Director and Treasurer of Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Previously CEO Allianz Partners

Mission reports

In this mission report, you will discover the various projects and achievements Wakam implemented during its first year as a Mission-driven Company.