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Monitor reinsurance treaties

Wakam has dedicated services to support its reinsurance partners by facilitating data analysis, allowing them to transparently consult and share information relating to their treaties. All these services are available on our Play&Plug platform.

Portfolio monitoring

As a reinsurance partner, you need fast access to information and data about your portfolios and treaties. With Wakam, it’s easy! Access cash flows reports in real time, get detailed and regular monitoring of the technical product results to maintain profitability targets, and use our dedicated settlement calculation tool for maximum transparency and responsiveness.

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  1. Consolidated view

    Enjoy a consolidated view of the treaty and go into detail if necessary. Anticipate using projections and indicators.

    • Performance overview
    • Forecasts
    • Treaty conditions
    • Integration of all treaties
    • Actuarial analysis
    • Contracts and maturities
    • Glossary and definitions
  2. Treaty partnerships

    Get full visibility over treaty’s partnerships to refine the risk analysis.

    • Partnership information (status, product, etc.)
    • Actuarial view (S/P, forecast, etc.)
    • Partnership view (trends, performance, etc.)
  3. Claims and performance

    Consult claims to analyze performance

    • Global claims view
    • Top claims
    • Get alerts
    • Track the progress of a claim (“triangle”)
  4. Accurate data

    Analyze and export data in greater detail:

    • Export raw data
    • Periodic analysis
    • Period and media comparisons
    • Filter and search
    • Customized reports

What are the benefits?

  • Total transparency

  • Easy to use

  • Dedicated dashboard


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