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Economic & actuarial intelligence

Benefit from a detailed benchmark, actuarial analyses and market trends.

Exclusive insurance knowledge

Thanks to our unique model and footprint, we are able to provide key insights to support your business and enable decision making.

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  1. Benchmark

    Compare key aspects of your portfolio against your competitors (e.g. average level of claims amounts, frequency, loss ratio…)

  2. Actuarial analysis

    Business review of your portfolio and detailed analysis by risk.

  3. Market trends

    Get closer to your customers needs. Wakam collects feedback through customer interviews, key market trends & innovations and benchmarking competitors. Do you want to know more about a specific sector? We’ll provide you with a detailed industry analysis!

What are the benefits?

  • A leg up on the market

  • Access to exclusive data

  • Competitive advantage

  • All in one place


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