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Help your customers protect their most valuable assets with blockchain

An innovative offer, embedded and fully integrated in a digital certificate

Wakam co-created this product with a French start-up that offers a dematerialized certificate for luxury items, secured in the blockchain and guaranteeing ownership.
Insurance is included at the time of purchase of your customer’s jewelry, and in case of aggravated theft, the partner jeweler will replace it with the creation of an identical product.

Who is it for?

  • Luxury houses
  • Jewelers
  • Watchmakers

Guarantees offered

A simple product with complete coverage


Theft with break-in or assault

This guarantee provides coverage against theft of luxury goods that occur in the event of home invasion, violence and threats, allowing for the replacement of any stolen goods. Clients are covered up to 10.000€ with no deductible.

An innovative product combining API and blockchain

Easy subscription

A value-added service, with a free and easy subscription.


In case of theft, customers get back an identical item rather than financial compensation.

Automatic compensation

No administrative steps to take, everything is automatic!

High security

Contracts are ultra secure, recorded in the blockchain

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