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Travel & Leisure

rain insurance
to protect your customers on holidays

Insure travelers’ holidays against rain

A digital innovative solution to protect travelers against rain in Europe

Wakam has partnered with a German insurtech to offer weather parametric insurance for travel agencies and travelers in Europe. The product provides fixed automatic compensation in case of rain detected by a weather station.
Thanks to this innovative product, your customers are automatically compensated if the conditions (days of rain) are fulfilled.

Who is it for?

  • Tour operator
  • Travel Agency
  • Individual travelers

Guarantees offered

An insurance solution that protects travelers against rain


Rain insurance

This product will cover travelers from miscellaneous financial loss (moral damages and additional costs) in the form of a lump sum, up to a limit of 1000 € per day.

Protect your customers in case of bad weather


Allow your clients to travel with complete peace of mind


Complete your global offer with an innovative product


Increase revenue

Additionnal revenues

Improve conversion rate

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