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school bullying insurance

A bespoke product to help victims of school bullying and cyber bullying

Supporting children and families affected by bullying

In partnership with a broker and a non-profit association, Wakam has created the first insurance in France to fight against school bullying and cyber bullying. This helps children who fall victim of this increasingly common scourge.

Who is it for?

  • Schools
  • Parents of school children
  • Parent-teacher associations
  • Wholesale insurance brokers

Guarantees offered

Solutions to support children affected by bullying


Legal protection

A guarantee that allows clients to benefit from advice or from legal aid. We cover legal fees up to 1.000€.


School protection

School insurance protects children against suffering caused by bullying at school, college or high school. This coverage includes up to 1.800€ for home schooling for children who are victims of school bullying.


Protection therapeutic

Therapeutic protection with coverage of the costs of psychologists, sophrologists and nutritionists up to 10 sessions or a total of 600€.


E-reputation shield

A guarantee that allows victims of harassment to benefit from expert help in cleaning up social networks covered up to 1.000€.

A product that looks after children

Full cover

A complete insurance

Professional support

Professional support for victims


Support for children and peace of mind for parents

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