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Subscription funnel in white-label

Discover our white label subscription funnel for insurance product distribution as an alternative to APIs​ and without any IT development needed.

Reduce your time-to-market

We offer a modular subscription funnel in white label for our partners who need a quick turnaround and are testing their audience. Zero insurance knowledge or distribution capabilities? Our solution will help you offer insurance embedded with your existing products and services. ​

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  1. Customizable UI

    • Benefit from a no-code solution and increase agility and speed in the integration.
    • Adapt the funnel with your brand, your customer experience, your logo.
    • Customize the user journey (steps, wording etc.)
    • Effortless solution for teams
  2. Built-in modules

    With our white label subscription funnel you can manage pricing and quoting, make e-signature available for clients, integrate checkout payments as well as emailing campaigns.

  3. Effortless integration

    2 options for the funnel integration:

    • Url redirection: Customers visit a separate website, with your brand and custom URL.
    • Widget: Integrate the subscription path into your website or tools.
  4. Good to know

    This white label subscription funnel is available to ​a range of partners and adaptable for all kinds of needs. If you have the technical capacity to create your own subscription funnel we can provide you with the APIs to can implement it yourself. ​

What are the benefits?

  • Easy integration

    Through URL or a widget offering a quick time to market​

  • Build a simplified user journey

    Using customer data as entry point

  • Integrated payment & signature modules

    For an improved total cost of ownership

  • Dashboard with portfolio & production data

    To monitor profitability​


Customize your insurance product in a few clicks!