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Claims management

Wakam identifies and connects partners with claims management experts if they need them. If you have your own TPA or manager, we facilitate coordination and set up an audit.

Your data at a glance

Connect to Play&Plug and access the financial data of the partnership (premiums, claims, S/P) in the form of readable and shareable graphs. We offer management solutions for our partners without management capacity, whatever the market and product (insurtechs/non-insurance companies) in 32 countries operating throughout Europe.

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  1. Connect to a third party administrator outside of bodily injury claims

    We have set up framework agreements with various management specialists across different markets and products to help you choose the most relevant manager for your needs. Benefit from pre-negotiated rates with SLAs (pick-up rate, request processing time, satisfaction surveys, complaint management within a given time frame and operational performance management system) and no set-up fees. Easily share data flows already deployed in the Play&Plug interface for real-time access to your data.

  2. Bodily injury claims management

    Our years of expertise navigating complex products means we have the know-how to offer future policyholders a seamless experience in managing bodily injury claims.

  3. Customer-centric approach to ensure quality of service

    Our key goal is to improve policyholder satisfaction — in collaboration with our distributors — by collecting their feedback at every stage of the journey. To fulfill this ambition, it’s important that our managers conduct frequent satisfaction surveys.

  4. Good to know...

    Wakam analyzes market best practices & regulations, and shares the knowledge with partners & TPAs via our annual audit. This means we guarantee market compliance and you can rest easy!

What are the benefits?

  • Flexibility

    With a tailor-made claims management system adapted to each situation à la carte

  • Safety in the hands of our network of experts

  • Project management

    With access to leading claims handlers in 32 countries

  • Real-time data on Play&Plug

    With a framework agreement if using a TPA

  • Customer satisfaction measurement


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