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Cyber security

Cyber security is one of the top 3 risks for companies. In order to create a trusted ecosystem with its partners, Wakam provides a Security Rating® solution.

Anticipating & protecting
against cyber risks

In partnership with Cyber Board, Wakam offers a solution that analyzes your cyber performance in a quick and non-intrusive way, allowing you to continuously and automatically assess your organization’s exposure to cyber risks.

Start now
  1. Setting up the platform

    Wakam manages the setup from your domain names to launch a detailed evaluation of your cyber environment on the following criteria:

    • Messaging
    • DNS
    • The website
    • Overall vulnerability of the cyber environment
    • Security solutions already in place
    • The attack surface of Security Rating
  2. Secure access to the portal

    The Security Rating portal gives secure, real-time access to the global score on the 6 axes analyzed and lists any vulnerabilities detected.

  3. Recommendations for improvement

    In addition to analysis and monitoring, Security Rating identifies problems and proposes areas for improvement including:

    • Recommendations
    • Best practices
    • Severity level of the identified problems
    • Detailed reporting on the company’s cyber situation

What are the benefits?

  • Analyze your cyber environment

  • Create your own control board

  • Improve performance


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