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Inclusive insurance

home insurance for low-income families

Our pledge to create a fairer society starts with insuring the most vulnerable

A bespoke product for
low-income tenants

In a period of inflation where many households have poor or zero coverage, Wakam has teamed up with France’s leading health and social protection company to offer home insurance at lower cost.

Who is it for?

  • Low-income families
  • Wholesale brokers

Guarantees offered

Redistribute value to the policyholder


Lowest deductible on the market

In the event of a claim, a fixed amount, called the deductible, remains payable. At 120 €, this deductible is among the lowest on the market.


Property protection

Clients are covered for all major risks including theft, electrical damage and glass breakage. Full indemnification is provided for multimedia goods under 2 years old and other goods under 5 years old.


No exclusion criteria

A complete and comprehensive offer, with no exclusion criteria when subscribing, specifically designed to meet the needs of low-income households renting their main residence.

A solidarity product to support the most vulnerable

Customer journey

Quick and simple subscription process


Documents written in “plain language” to make information easier to understand and accessible to the most people possible


Coherent and fair rates, according to the needs of customers

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