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Usage economy

Immediacy and transparency

Our societies are gradually evolving from an economy of possession to a usage economy, from the consumption of music to seasonal real estate rentals and micro-mobility in our cities. Opaque insurance products, which are complex and time-consuming to create, are no longer suited to the uses that characterise today’s economy. To support the economy of usage, a revolution in insurance is needed to protect above all but also to bring value to individuals who demand immediacy and transparency.


Embedded insurance

Ephemeral protection

Wakam sees embedded insurance as the future of insurance. Perfectly integrated with the products and services it protects, Wakam’s embedded insurance provides absolute peace of mind to the end consumer and facilitates the insurance subscription process, which merges with the act of purchasing the product or service.


"It is no longer possible to sell an annual contract in a physical insurance distribution network to insure a self-service scooter"

Olivier Jaillon, Wakam CEO

Digital INsurer

Integrated and impactful

Wakam, as an integrated and impactful INsurer, wants to make insurance invisible by automating the claims process and make the process simpler and more transparent to the end consumer. All Wakam’s insurance products comply with its “Secured by Wakam©” charter of commitments, which ensures the protection of the end customer while offering partners additional guarantees of quality.

La Parisienne Assurances is now Wakam!

A new name to reflect our digital model and international presence.