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Mission-driven company!

Because we are convinced that insurers have a key role to play in social and environmental development, we became a Mission-driven company.


Inclusive product

A zero-margin inclusive insurance offer for the most vulnerable, in collaboration with our partners Epic and Crésus.


Implementation of commitments on our profit and zero-margin activities to address the lack of clarity and complexity in insurance products.

Mission-driven company

Inclusion of our corporate purpose and commitments in the company bylaws and creation of a governance committee.

Customer journey commitments

In collaboration with our partners, we are engaged to create insurance products with clearer paths and simpler functionalities. These commitments will be implemented progressively over the period 2021-2023.

Quality of service

We work with our distributors to improve policyholders’ satisfaction by collecting their opinions at each stage of their journey.

2023 Objective
Survey policyholder satisfaction on all partnerships.

Distribution of value

We guarantee a better distribution of value for our policyholders in collaboration with our partners.

2023 Objective
Limit distribution commission to 50% and offer guarantees greater than or equal to the market standards.

Automated compensation

We promote the development of parametric products and partnerships, allowing a full and instant compensation of the policyholder and a reduction of forgetfulness rates.

2023 Objective
Deploy parametric products throughout our territories and ensure that they represent 5% of our sales.

Plain language

Our contractual clauses are written in plain language to make the guarantees and exclusions of the products easier to read and understand.

2023 Objective
Provide plain language documentation for new partnerships starting in France in 2021, for all our new partnerships in 2022 and for our portfolio in 2023.

Good behavior commitments

Transforming Wakam into a company with a positive societal impact is reflective of the best practices used throughout our operation. These commitments will be implemented progressively over the period 2021-2023.

SRI policy

We commit to a policy of responsible investment (SRI) in our portfolio and adhere to investment programs around new responsible funding pockets.

2023 Objective
Ensure that all new investments and 100% of our liquid assets comply with our SRI policy.


Partnership selection

We systematically check products and partnerships conformity with our ethics and commitments before launch.

2023 Objective
Validate all our new businesses after checking their compliance with our 3 responsible filters and make these filters even more efficient with an annual review of their relevance and the addition of an extra filter.

Inclusive insurance development

We support those in need via a range of solidarity-based products with a zero margin, starting at €0.5 per month.

2023 Objective
Ensure that our range of inclusive insurance products represents 3% of our turnover by extending it to another European territory and by offering 2 new guarantees per year.


Endowment fund

We create the Wakam for Good endowment fund in support of our solidarity initiatives.

2023 Objective
Build an operational structure accessible to others and allowing us to launch insurance programs for the most vulnerable.

Skills sponsorship program

We offer a skills sponsorship program in conjunction with associations and NGOs so that our employees can invest themselves.

2023 Objective
Conducting at least one mentoring program every year in collaboration with civil society actors.

Our mission committee

As a Mission-driven company, we have formed our mission committee that consists of 5 members appointed by the executives with the approval of the governing board. Its role: to be an actor of a governance that protects our commitments.

Rémi Grenier

  • Chairman of the Wakam Mission Committee and Wakam independent director
  • Director and Treasurer of Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Previously CEO Allianz Partners

Discover our range of inclusive insurance

In collaboration with two non-profit organizations, Wakam has created 11 zero-margin products to help those that are often excluded from insurance. Epic, a company that fights against social injustices; and Crésus, a network of associations that supports people in economically fragile situations. Accessible to both employees and non-employees, these inclusive insurance products cover basic needs across three domains: health, home insurance and commuting.


Our partners travel with us!

Whether they are insurance professionals or non-specialist distributors who embed insurance in their products and services, they choose us to distribute insurance products to their clients. And we support them in over 300 European partnerships!