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The role of protection and social buffer that has been played by companies during the last 18 months of the Covid crisis is approved by nearly three-quarters of the employees.

To meet these societal aspirations, Wakam, which has become a mission-driven company, has created, with the associations Epic and Crésus, a range of micro-insurance solutions at cost price and without profit margin, to provide protection to employees not subject to income tax.

Wisecom, which stands out from the call center ecosystem by integrating a CSR and QWL approach as a fundamental part of its business model, has once again answered the call by joining forces with Wakam to become the first employer to finance the protection of its employees’ living expenses.

Reversing the pyramid of benefits by supporting the most vulnerable

This insurance solution supported by Wisecom for the benefit of its employees is dedicated to those who are not subject to income tax. The insurance covers basic needs in three areas: work, home protection and mobility. It guarantees almost immediate and fixed compensation for the employee with simple products written in clear languages, such as, for example, the payment of a sum of up to €2,000 in case of mechanical breakdowns on the vehicle.

By choosing to supplement its employees’ salaries with insurance to help manage life’s hard knocks, Wisecom offers its employees an innovative protection shield.

This solidarity perk reinforces the differentiation of Wisecom, a committed employer brand already recognized as such thanks to the many initiatives implemented since 2005.

Wakam distributes this insurance offer to all types of companies, from large groups with several thousand employees to the smallest SMEs and ETIs wishing to engage in a societal innovation approach involving their employees. With an affordable cost determined according to a monthly budget per employee and fully paid by the company, this perk reverses the traditional pyramid of benefits by being reserved for employees who are not subject to income tax and who are sometimes further away from more expensive complete insurance solutions.

In accordance with its mission commitments, and to ensure maximum impact, the offer is designed at cost and without profit margins for Wakam.

Our commitment to CSR, in addition to being a strong conviction, has logically appeared as an essential lever of development for all stakeholders of the company, so we are very excited to launch this innovative and concrete insurance offer against hard blows with Wakam, which completes our panel of actions

Paolo Fabiani, founder of Wisecom

We are delighted and proud to be working with Wisecom on this first partnership in a social innovation approach. These micro-insurance products are an excellent option for companies engaged in concrete and local CSR approaches and wishing to commit to the protection of their employees on a daily basis

Olivier Jaillon, Chief Executive & Enablement Officer of Wakam

About Wisecom
Created in 2005, Wisecom is the first call centre located in the heart of Paris. We help brands conquer new markets, increase their reputation, and meet new consumer expectations in terms of customer relations. Because each company is unique, we rethink our models for each project. In a business at the heart of digital transformation, automation, and human added value, Wisecom’s vocation is to be the qualitative and competitive partner of its customers by intervening from strategic reflection to operational implementation thanks to innovative technologies, a unique recruitment and retention capacity and recognized know-how in call centre services (BtoB and BtoC).

À propos de Wakam
Wakam is an insurance company that creates white-label, tailor-made and embedded insurance solutions for its distributor partners and clients via its high-tech Play & Plug platform. With a foothold in 13 European countries and turnover on current year of €417M in 2020, Wakam is one of the top 20 P&C insurers in France. In 2020, the company was included on the Financial Times “Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies” list, topping all insurers. Strongly committed to its social engagements, Wakam became a Mission-driven company in March 2021.

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