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Meet Valerie, Senior Business Developer at Wakam

19 décembre 2023

< 1 minute

Hungry for freedom? Thirsty for autonomy?

Discover Wakam, a workplace culture where everything is possible, all ideas are considered, and each person can make a change! This is what we call the “Free to impact” culture

Today it’s Valérie Larson’s turn to tell us about his journey at Wakam as Senior Business Developer

In this video she talks about:

  • Her mission in the Revenue team
  • Her wedding in Vegas
  • Tahiti her heart’s island

This is what we call the “Free to impact” culture. If you want to join a company allowing your to work remotely and with a great mindset, Wakam might be made for you!

Valérie Larson on Wakam’s microphone