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A tech know-how dedicated to the creation of insurance products 

API portal

to create tailor-made insurance products

Data flow & data lake

to digitize the relationship with the partner and improve the user experience

Blockchain policy admin system

to automate claims management with usage-based and parametric products

Portail API

Tariff. Subscription. Management.

All our products are available by API, from pricing to contracts and even claims management. APIs make data sharing simple and are easily integrated with our Play & Plug module.

“We estimate 2 million API requests per week in 2020 with picks up to 4 million”

Data Flow & Data Lake

Steering. Transparency. Monitoring.

We put data at the heart of our model. With the data we collect, we are able to optimize your profitability with complete transparency. On a dedicated portal, we provide you with dashboards offering a detailed analysis of each of our partnerships. Data science allows us to refine your products and their pricing.

« For each partnership, we collect 150 to 200 different data each month. ».