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Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Wakams employee satisfaction rates have skyrocketed, with the company being awarded the HappyIndexAtWork® label

Paris, December 16, 2020

With the pandemic having destabilized corporate life over the past 10 months, Wakam has taken significant action to support its employees by facilitating remote-working and intensifying collaborative processes in their work. The insurer has now been granted the HappyIndexAtWork label awarded to companies that are home to the happiest employees, having secured an impressive 4.16 out of 5 in a survey conducted by ChooseMyCompany.

Unprecedented action to support employees in 2020

This label is testimony to the company’s efforts in supporting its employees and shines a light on the collective strides made over the past few months. Close to 80% of staff members surveyed stated they “have real fun in their everyday work”, while those who say they would recommend the company to a friend more than doubled compared to the previous survey!

These figures are notably down to the high-impact measures that Wakam took to protect its employees during the Covid-19 crisis and to safeguard their quality of life at work – wherever they happen to be working from. In practice, this has meant a bonus in cases where employees have been hospitalized with Covid-19, and the launch of a counselling service. To help members of staff strike a balance between their professional and personal lives, the company even treated all employees to Friday afternoons off over a period of several months.

One striking illustration of Wakam’s in-house culture has been the weekly meetings during which everyone is given an opportunity to speak directly with the CEO, to communicate information transparently, and to share in the company’s vision in a chance to come together.

In being awarded this label, Wakam has received confirmation that its cultural model works, and has attracted and built loyalty among its talent at a challenging time for the job market.

A label to highlight the company’s powerful and unique “Free to Impact” culture

HappyIndex®AtWork is the first participative employer label to reward excellence in management and employee motivation.

In November 2020, the Wakamees rated their personal experience of their workplace setting, responding to an 18-question survey that covered six aspects: professional development, stimulating environment, management, salaries & recognition, and pride & pleasure.

This survey points to the teams being on board with Wakam’s corporate culture and the company’s ambitions to make insurance impactful: 

77% of Wakamees feel what they do has meaning, while 70% feel they can see the impact their work has on the company’s success.

“Everyone is free to express their thoughts and be heard.
Exchange and collaboration are central to what I do.”

79% feel they are progressing and learning, a key priority that lies at the heart of Wakam’s culture, which celebrates curiosity, ongoing learning, and collective intelligence.

85% believe their way of working is innovative (collaboration, decision-making, remote-working, etc.), a fact that perfectly aligns with the insurer’s tech-focused ethos.

This employee support illustrates just how powerful Wakam’s corporate culture is, underpinned by freedom, autonomy, and the teams’ ability to continuously take initiatives, as embodied by the Free to Impact motto.

Revolutionizing the future of working life at Wakam

The high volumes of feedback collated for this survey will enable Wakam to better understand employees’ expectations in order to develop new ways of working and tackle the emerging challenges that await this fast-growing company.

With over 60 new members of staff recruited in 2020, Wakam is continuing with its development plans, with 30 new positions open for 2021.

About Wakam

Wakam creates tailor-made, white-label insurance solutions for its distributor partners and clients based across 13 European countries. With a €382 million turnover in 2019, Wakam is one of the top 20 P&C insurers in France. In 2020, the company was included on the Financial Times “Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies,” ranking No.1 in the Top 50 largest turnovers – topping all European insurers. Wakam is also considered By Fintech Global among the 100 world’s most innovative Insurtech companies. Strongly committed to its social engagements, Wakam is evolving into a Mission-driven company at the end of 2020.

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