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He told us how, very early on, this multi-specialist broker, born in 1996, was able to ride the digital wave to meet the new needs of customers. The multi-specialist broker was able to reinvent itself to move from a single-product culture to a more industrial dimension by combining technology and risk-taking.

Can you introduce us to FMA Assurances?

FMA Assurances is an insurance brokerage firm created in 1996, specializing in the design, distribution, and management of insurance solutions. A multi-specialist player, FMA Assurances markets more than 25 insurance products in both property and casualty and personal insurance. FMA Assurances is the official partner in France of three importers of two-wheelers: Honda, Harley Davidson, and BMW Motorrad.  

To date, FMA Assurances collects more than 80 million euros in premiums per year; has 120 employees, and more than 2,500 partners use our services. 

Could you come back to the context of the partnership with Wakam?  

At FMA Assurances, we began many years ago, a profound transformation of our model to adapt to the needs of our partners and end customers. The company has moved from a more “classic” and single-product vision of brokerage to a technological and multi-product vision.

Today, we have become one of the leaders in brokerage in France, and we market more than 25 products (Property & Casualty and Personal Insurance) by intervening throughout the entire chain of management and distribution of insurance contracts.  

To accompany this profound transformation of our model, we needed to find an insurer who shared the same entrepreneurial vision of insurance but who also had an appetite for risk to support us in our change of strategy. FMA Assurances and Wakam share the same philosophy and intellectual curiosity to reflect on new models and mainly to test them.

It is thanks to this vision that we very early set up dematerialized processes with an online signature system or a GED system”

Ludovic Dumont – President of FMA Assurances

If you had three adjectives to illustrate the partnership?

  • Agility:This is an excellent strength of Wakam and our teams. 
  • Sustainability: We have been working and growing together for over 20 years.  
  • Technological: today, this is the key to adapting our offers in real-time and sticking as closely as possible to the needs of consumers.

How has this partnership evolved over the years?

The partnership with Wakam began more than 20 years ago with the original launch of an insurance policy for 2-wheelers. Today the partnership covers 6 products with the most innovative one: insurance for cars without a license. FMA Assurances and Wakam were the first to launch this type of offer on the market. It is this relationship of trust that has allowed us to start new and innovative subjects.  

With Olivier [Jaillon] and the Wakam teams, we share the same entrepreneurial vision of insurance with a robust technological dimension but always at the service of our clients. 

“I’m delighted with the evolution of the relationship with Wakam. It has been almost ten years since I became President of FMA Assurances, and I have been working to diversify the group’s activities. I could not see myself doing this without Wakam at my side.”

You often talk about technology and digital, is that important to you?

The technology and, in particular, the use of PLCs (APIs) is clearly an accelerator. The API culture is entirely new for FMA Assurances because we were not in this state of mind a few years ago, even if we were among the first players to market our solutions in a wholly digital approach.

But our role as a broker is to bring agility to all the solutions we offer. And technology allows us to respond more quickly to customer needs and accelerate the deployment of our products to our partners. With the COVID-19 crisis, we see a strong shift in consumption habits.

” The society is moving from a proprietary economy to a use economy. We are no longer going to own things but to rent them.”

We must, therefore, innovate to offer new insurance products in line with this new demand.

What is the future of the partnership with Wakam?

Even more reactivity! The key in this model remains the reactivity, which has always been a strength of Wakam and its teams. You have quickly demonstrated your ability to get things done, which is the key to our business.  

The agility of an insurer is essential today if we want to meet the new needs for the instantaneity of our partners and especially of the end customers.  

For our part, we continue to work on our existing product lines to stick as closely as possible to the needs of consumers. We will accelerate our business in our specialization: two-wheeler products to consolidate our leading position in France. Later on, we will think about a more European dimension of our business. 

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