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Insurance is your core business. With Wakam, you can:

  • Develop a lasting partnership with an innovative digital European insurer

  • Stand out in a competitive market with tailor-made products

  • Launch a product in less than 6 weeks and modify it if necessary

  • Quickly deploy your offers in several European countries

  • Benefit from complete transparency regarding technical results via our Play&Plug platform

Insurance is not your core business. With Wakam, you can:

  • Enrich your services with relevant insurance products

  • Generate additional revenue and build customer loyalty

  • Quickly deploy your offers in one or more European countries

  • Benefit from the expertise of an innovative and digital European insurer to support you

Create your dream insurance
with our Play & Plug platform

We have elaborated three journeys tailored to your profile and your product to implement our partnership!


Configure your insurance product and embed it on your website, in complete autonomy


Fast Track

Assemble basic insurance products, with little investment, in just 4 weeks


Design a tailor-made product with a dedicated team, in a few weeks only

Discover our services
and start your journey!

Wakam is able to build a product with its price and coverages in only 6 weeks for a business line and a country already known.
Once the product has been validated by you and the framework study has been carried out, we make a reciprocal commitment to an implementation period.



2 weeks

Define and consolidate your needs. Connect to our Play & Plug platform and build your product.

Live Interactions

Throughout your project you will be able to interact live with the team on your dedicated Slack channel!

Digital timeline

Your digital timeline on Play & Plug guides you in real time through every step of the construction of your product.

Access to our APIs

Unlimited testing of our tariff rates API

A shared vision

We draw up together a document outlining the product, value creation, business model, key steps etc.


Secured electronic signature for your documents.

Due diligence

E-questionnaire analysis and compliance recommendations



4 weeks

Evaluation of your product and business model as a whole, and agreement on the shared value.

Design lab

Sessions to identify how you and your clients will interact with the product

Product definition

Coverages, deductibles, exclusions, and prices

Economic model

Shared product profitability forcast over 5-years+ time horizon

Business model

Associate administrator, and fix commission rate.



Let’s make this official! We sign our partnership agreement and connect our data and flows (front web, APIs, EDI).

API Connection

A selection of suitable support models and API tariff sheets

Connection via EDI

We test and ensure connection of our data flows via EDI

IoT sensors

IoT sensors connected via the Sigfox 0G network (parametric or on-demand insurance) are made available

Blockchain access

To securely store all your contracts

Website pre-audit

Customer journey testing and compliance assistance



Woohoo! It’s launched! Connect to our Play & Plug platform and manage your insurance product.

Unlimited access to your APIs

Quote request or subscription

Yearly compliance audit

Dedicated MOOC (massive online open course) to share your products according to compliance regulations

Portfolio tracking

Premiums, claims, margins

Technical management

Monitor results and adjust tariffs in real time depending on product performance

Contract and claims management

Introduction to one of our third-party handlers (excluding bodily injury liability)

Performance monitoring

Play & Plug allows you to monitor the performance of your product in real time!

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