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Olivier Jaillon

at wakam

As Chief Executive & Enablement Officer, my role is to empower my teams to accomplish our mission, to make it possible, even while working from home!

A 3-tier hierarchy

With only three levels of hierarchy, at Wakam “the executive” is replaced by “the enabler”

Team & transparency

Weekly brainstorms, collective short-term objectives and an open, participatory committee to share information and decisions!

Equality rules

Equal representation for both women and men, and a diverse recruitment strategy – different profiles, backgrounds and ages – that brings immeasurable richness to the company

Entrepreneurial by design

We encourage initiative, new ideas, proactivity and collective intelligence. With us, you’ll be part of a common goal and a shared adventure


Development counts! We give our people the tools that they need to progress professionally and express their curisosity by sharing their skills within other teams.

Squad organization

Our model is based on a 4-step methodology. Each team is a “Squad” and skillsets are divided up according to their role in each phase within the organization

Employee experience

We listen to our people, facilitate their integration through a friendly onboading , improve their daily working life and always ask for feedback in a weekly flash survey. Wakamees benefit from a fully digitalized workplace where Slack and Zoom have replaced paperwork!


Forget the daily routine!

Our collaborative way of working means that you can contribute to the company’s strategic projects – no matter which department you’re in!



No old-fashionned comex here but a weekly forum during which the whole company votes for the most relevant future partnerships



Every month, an external leading figure shares his inspiring experience with the Wakamees



All volunteer employees get the chance to lead a project, even if it means bypassing the hierarchy

Join our adventure!

We regularly recruit talents from different backgrounds to enrich our squads.
Do not hesitate to consult our offers, we would be delighted to meet you!

La Parisienne Assurances is now Wakam!

A new name to reflect our digital model and international presence.